To support the University's teaching, research and community development activities through the provision of high quality resources and services.

Core values

As a service Department, the Library values among others:

  • Honesty
  • Professionalism
  • Team Work
  • Being Friendly and courteous to users
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Membership of the Library is open to the following:

  • All students of the University
  • All Academic Staff of the University
  • All Senior Administrative and Technical Staff of the University recommended by their Heads of Department.
  • Other persons approved by the University Librarian on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor.
Every member is expected to register with the Library. Registration forms are available at the Loan’s Desk in the Main Library and in the E-Library.


The Publishing, Books and Reading in Sub-Saharan Africa (PB&RSSA) collection is a unique collection of books, monograph series, journals, articles, and other documents on all aspects of publishing and book development in Sub-Saharan Africa. The collection was donated by Hans Zell to Kwara State University. The collection covers a period of twenty years, from 1996 to 2014, and is a continuation of an earlier collection and archive (for the 1990-1995) that he donated to the African Publishers Network/ APNET in Harare in 1995. The print version of the collection is temporarily housed in the e-library and online version is currently undergoing serious work and will be available very soon. The physical collection consists of:

  • Books, monograph series, essay collections, conference proceedings, book sector studies, book industry training manuals, theses and dissertations, as well as reference works
  • A large number of journals, including complete runs of The African Book Publishing Record since it was first published in 1975; the African Pubishing Review and the Bellagio Publishing Network Newsletter; as well as complete runs or back issues of a number of book professional journals, such as the journal of Scholarly Publishing and Logos. Forum of the World Book Community, that have contained frequent articles on publishing and book studies in Africa and the developing world.
  • Periodical articles, press clippings, correspondences, reports, studies, and surveys on many aspects of publishing and the book world in Africa, together with some unpublished material and ephemera.


The print version of the Hans Zell collection (books, journals, articles) donated by the publisher, Hans Zell can be found in the PB&RSSA office at the E-library of Kwara State University.

  • The physical collection is available for free to interested scholars from around the globe who wants access to the collection.
  • For Scholars and students within KWASU that are interested in the Physical Hans Zell collection please visit the E-Library of KWASU to have a firsthand feel of the materials on Publishing, Books & Reading in Sub Saharan Africa which are dated as far back as 60's to recent times.
  • The printed materials are available from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm on Mondays to Thursdays .A reading room shall also be reserved for the visiting scholars and students.
  • Please download the PDF file for BOOKS, Articles & Correspondence and SERIALS so as to get the list of all the books and serials available.
  • To access full bibliographical information of any material in the collection. Please visit the Library page and click on OPAC
  • The Online Database is currently undergoing serious work. We will have the page up and running very soon
  • As for visitors coming to access the physical collection of Hans Zell from outside Kwara State or outside Nigeria, Kindly fill the form below and you will be contacted by a representative within 3 working days.


The services currently offered by the library include book borrowing, reference and bibliographic services, photocopying, binding and lamination, interlibrary lending, course book reserve services, Internet/database searches, referrals and off-site library services at FSP and GSS in Ilorin, among others. Further details about the services can be found in the Guide to the Kwara State University Library. The collections in the Main Library are organised into four sections based on the Library of Congress Classification Scheme. The sections are:

  • The Science, Engineering and Technology Section which contains books in Science, Agriculture, Engineering and Technology.
  • The Humanities, Management and Social Science Section which contains books in the Arts, Business and Social science.
  • The Education and Library Science Section which contains books in Education and Library & Information Science.
  • The Reference/Serials and Special Collection Section which houses various academic journals, newspapers, magazines and Irele, Chinese and Afro-Brazilian Collections.

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